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Why Choose?


BCC, managed by Frank Freitag a consultant with expertise in various areas. I'm committed to solving complex business challenges using the latest technology and data resources, combined with a creative, cost effective and collaborative strategic approach.


BCC offers the comprehensive capabilities and deep industry knowledge necessary to help you solve the most complex issues of your organization since opening our doors in 2007. Want to experience the expertise of BCC for yourself? Give Frank Freitag a call today and let’s discuss what we can do.


At BCC, we understand that change is not always easy. Since 2007, I’ve been helping companies of all sizes respond to industry transitions in order to stay competitive. Years of experience have taught me to always make your business success a priority. Working with you as a team I am ready to help you develop strategies for not only surviving, but thriving in the future. Give me a call today to set up your first consultation.


BCC has worked with some of the best clients from Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and regional areas, helping them to solve problems and develop their businesses. I work together with my clients, facilitating honest and transparent collaborations to gain a complete understanding of their vision and needs.


BCC was founded in 2007 with a single mission: to be a most successful, creative and ground-breaking IT consultantancy in Melbourne. I approach each of my clients with fresh eyes to develop customised, unique strategies. Though I’ve grown since founding, I'm still the same at heart. Let me help make your dreams a reality. Are you ready to set your brand or business on the path to success?

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